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    We connect businesses and jobs from world to local. The most important is to create more job opportunity and business opportunity

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    P.N.S is an excellent service that offers companies to get the right candidate and they know how to place an ad in different location


    They found me some business partner and got me sorted out quickly with everything! Can’t quite believe the service level that they offer!

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    I’m incredibly pleased with P.N.S’s service. They offer quality candidates & super quick support, they have turned me into a big fan.

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    The Surprising Truth About Where New Jobs Come From

    The surprising truth is that over the last twenty five years, almost all of the private sector jobs have been created by businesses less than five years old.

    “New businesses account for nearly all net new job creation and almost 20 percent of gross job creation, whereas small businesses do not have a significant impact on job growth when age is accounted for.”

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    Employment and the changing labour market

    This Research Report forms part of our series on global societal trends and their impact on the EU in 2030. This analysis is embedded within the framework of the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) set up to develop a lasting framework to assess global trends and to develop policy responses across EU institutions

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    The Future of Jobs

    EMPLOYMENT TRENDS The global workforce is expected to experience significant churn between job families and functions. Across the countries covered by the Report, current trends could lead to a net employment impact of more than 5.1 million jobs lost to disruptive labour market changes over the period 2015–2020, with a total loss of 7.1 million

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